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GNURoot APK Download for Android

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GNURoot Download is Ready

GNURoot apk

v0.1.5 (Updated Jun 21, 2017)

Download APK (0.52MB)

GNURoot Description

GNURoot provides a method for you to install and use GNU/Linux distributions and their associated applications/packages alongside Android.

This does NOT require root.
A regular uninstall fully cleans up after this application.
This is expandable and you will be able to install your own applciations/packages.

Inside GNURoot, you can create a root file system), launch into it, or delete it.

Read the description of the GNURoot Wheezy, Gentoo, Fedora or Aboriginal apps in the Play Store to get some hints on how to get started using them.

The moto is: “This ain’t done, until everything* will run”
*everything == all linux, user space applications, without having to root your device. Some things (a small number of things), that actually require root will not work (like inserting a kernel module).

Key goals:
Choice or GNU/Linux rootfs to start with:
Currently two choices, many more to come.
All applications that don’t absolutely require root should function as normal:
apt-get now working.
Following step is to get a graphical interface for the desktop, terminal and applications. Currently, only launches an Android Terminal Emulator. Proof of concept done. Refinement left.
Make this work nicely alongside Android:
Already works like a “normal” application.
Next step is to provide useful intents for users and applications (with permissions) to use.
Provide proper support and bug fixes:
Release a pay-what-you-want model, so more time can be put into this. Now in place. Decide whether it should be mandatory.
Improve performance:
Minimize the performance effect of the tricks used to make this all work. Quite good now.
Reduce Footprint:
Move as much as possible to the sdcard.
Only install what is necessary and let the user grow it from there.
Support multiple architectures:
Only arm supported. No reason why MIPS and x86 cannot be supported too.

The roots mostly contain GPL code, but for this launcher I am the copyright holder and it is not under the GPL, but instead the Apache v2. It contains a modified version of the Android Terminal Emulator, which is also under the Apache v2.

Please: file bugs, feature requests of view code here:

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